Center Stage Academy





Registration dues occur each season. Amounts vary by each program. 

Musical Theater $85 - Includes season T-shirt, Casting Audition Fee, Registration Fee & a script for each performer.  (Spring & Winter Seasons)

Broadway Babies $85 - Includes season T-shirt, Registration Fee, Performance shorts & Pom-Poms for each performer. 

Show Choir $35 - Includes season T-shirt & Registration Fee.  (Annual seasons)

Group Piano $35 - Includes season T-shirt $ Registration Fee.

Show Choir, Vocal Solos & Group Piano classes share one annual registration fee.



Tuition is collected at the beginning of each month. Monthly autopay is required for all programs. We do not accept payment by cash or check. Classes occur on a weekly basis.

Show Choir: $65 per month (1 hour class)

Vocal Solos: $80 per month  (1 hour class)

Broadway Babies: $75 per month (90 minute class)

Dramatics Musical Theater: $50 per month (1 hour class) $95 per month (two classes)

Bravo Musical Theater: $90 per month (2 hour class)

Group Piano: $80 per month (1 hour class)

Additional added classes (including siblings) receive a 10% discount.

Other program fees may apply. Please see program descriptions for a list of additional fees.