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Audition Scheduling

Audition Scheduling!

Thank you for your interest in Bravo’s production of Mary Poppins! We can’t wait to get started!

Please read the instructions below before scheduling your audition.

MUSIC AUDITION FOR BRAVO. Please select a song to perform for the CSA staff. This song should be 60 seconds long and should come from a broadway musical or Disney Movie. You will also need an instrumental track to sing with. Feel free to snag a song form youtube and send to us so we can play it for you. Otherwise you can bring an iPod, iPad or iPhone.


  • Hamilton, Phantom of The Opera, Dear Evan Hansen, Waitress, Descendants, Disney Channel Jr. songs, Wicked, Legally Blonde, Greatest Showman, Hunchback of Notre Dam, and Into The Woods.

If you would like a list of suggested songs please see the audition information email.

MONOLOUGE AUDITION. Please select a monologue to perform for the CSA staff. This monologue should be short (45-90 seconds). You are welcome to choose a monologue from the audition information email or select one yourself and email it in for approval. We recommend choosing something age appropriate and relatable. This monologue does not have to be from a broadway musical or from a Disney movie.

TO AUDITION FOR Mary Poppins. Please remember that these Bravo auditions are meant to evaluate placement. These auditions are not for casting. Casting auditions will take place later in August. You are welcome to use the same song and monologue as your Bravo audition.