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Bravo Cast Notes

Bravo Cast Notes




  • Fa-la-la-la’s are not correct. Measure 26-28 & 42-43)

  • Choreography needs cleaning after “Would some peace and quiet be a crime?”

  • Taylor P. - Don’t forget your solo “Sing until we’re bluish-”

  • Choreography during “If he were any sweeter than we just might need a medic” is missing.

  • Fix ripples “Everywhere he goes he has to tell the world”

  • PRINCIPLES: add shoulders and head tilt “Happy All the Time **”

  • Entire song needs SO much more energy and tightness in the dance.

  • Buddy make sure to finish your lines in your movement. Mostly your arms,

  • Buddy, lets add during “Who Knew?” to go up to another Elf and ask them.

  • The words are going to be “He’s FREAKY happy! All the ti-i-i-i-me”

New Yorkers:

  • 11/2

  • A Christmas Song needs some serious work. Posting choreography now.

  • Pay attention to blank spaces when traveling across the stage as busy New Yorkers.

  • Dance lighter on feet and more forward. Shoes are too noisy on the stage.

  • Words “If he should get a cold, or just allergies from mold” are lost.

  • Where are your facials?

  • Last note can’t be the loudest point of the song.

  • Arms on “He’ll Gesundeit you” need to be a strong L

  • Most missed the cue when you come on for “A Christmas Song” Everyone is on by measure 48.

Macey’s Employees:

  • More defined movements during “foot forth, if you wanna deck the halls”

  • Remember that you are confused at first. Trying to figure out what Buddy is trying to say.

  • Choreography at the end of “Sparkle Jolly” is missing.

  • Make sure to watch Buddy closely. If he crosses the stage so should your focus. Until “close enough”. Then focus on audience.

  • We took out the turn going back to the V. Only turn when going back to your placements.

  • The dip in the line up (starting with Buddy) needs to be so much bigger.

  • Watch your lines while you’re dancing! Stay in your lines.

  • Project. We need to hear the words more clearly.

  • Hold arms out the entire time when sliding after “Decorate yourself”. The arms don’t go in and out. Stay in L.


Buddy The Elf

  • 11/2/18

  • Slow down “you didn’t know I was born”

  • Open mouth instead of hiss on “yeth it doth.. see?

  • Slow lines down a little bit “It’s a mile shorter” and lean back more.

  • Good! More creeped out. “Who the heck are you?

  • “People Like You” - Should be kind of apologetic

  • Be more disappointed about Walter not answering about 

  • NO WAY… about the shredder… should be deeper

  • Walking backwards “How did you like you’re dinner” love it! 

  • Thats okay, I can’t wither (hook arms with Jovie)

  • Staccadto - Four Hundred dollars

  • “World’s Greatest Song reprise… Come on stage with your hat off and put it on the table. When you exit… look at it and leave it there.

  • “Can I sing now” with bigger more dramatic breath

  • Travel far down stage “I like attention”

  • Add small crying after “Cotton -headed-Ninny-Muggins”

  • Deliver “I’m not an elf” in more disbelief.

  • In the beginning of “World’s Greatest Dad” I want to feel more anxious and nervousness at first. Then develop more confidence as the song goes on.

  • Add “Mr. Hobbs?” before… DAD!

  • Add more coughing and spitting after spraying the fruit spray.

  • Bigger delivery on “Glittery Angel”

  • In all your delivery make sure to have an open body. Buddy has no bubble. You want to have your arms out far and stretched out whenever you can.

  • Let’s get rid of “Did he wet the bed” for now. Just… “What did he do?”

  • Be sure to have your head looking DOWN stage during “Hide my admonishing". Keep your voice toward the audience even though you’re traveling to stage left.

  • The “sure anything for you dad” song needs some more levels. High and low notes to make it seem more made up on the spot. Also hold you I looooooove youuuuuuuuu” for an awkward amount of time.

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVED the waive you gave Michael when she says “Wait, he’s my brother?”

  • After you spray passion fruit spray, I liked your big initial reaction you had before. Go back to that and then just add more coughing.

  • In the manager & Buddy transition scene be careful not to be too far up stage. The audience wants to feel part of the scenes. Don’t be too far away.

  • Work on the manager transition scene lines.

  • During “Then you must remember” bring Jovie and Manager a bit further down stage. Then come forward by yourself during “Christmas Tree”.

  • You will need to add a pause after Fake Santa says “what Ary ya talking about? I’m Santa Claus!”

  • When Walter is leading you to his office in scene 6 (page 44) I think you should be skipping in behind him.

  • Much bigger face and immediate reaction when Jovie rests her head on your shoulder. But PERFECT reaction when she trie to lift it away. SO perfect!

  • “Make it sound Pretty-” No laughing! It sounds SO great until you laugh. haha!

  • More theatrical tap on Jovie’s shoulder during scene.

  • I LOVE the natural dancing and giggling you and Jovie do at the end of “A Christmas Song” It’s perfect. AS of Nov 1st the kiss on the cheek needs to be real each time.

Santa Claus

  • Work on the opener a little more. Memorization needs some more work.

  • Your voice inflections are doing SO well!

  • Don’t forget to sing “biZARly happy!”

  • No laughing during your monologue! Try to get through it. ;D

  • Work on delivering in a full voice. Use you diagram and keep your core engaged.

Walter Hobbs


  • Look at a disappointed Buddy before you answer about Susan Wells (no kicking) 

  • Great job! I am so proud of you and your characterization of Walter Hobbs.

  • Keep interrupting Meadow with your lines about Chris Smith. You did it on accident but I think its hilarious!

  • Need more stage business and remember to cheat out.

  • Add a pause before “Call Security”

  • Wait to push Buddy toward security until “here”.

  • Before yelling “STOP” add pause and “decorate? DECORATE?!”

  • GOOD job. You’re doing so great on your lines. Even when you trip up on them you do an amazing job at getting back to where you need to. And naturally.

  • During your scene where you meet Buddy for the first time, make sure your blocking placement is never directly right in front of the desk. Except when you’re pushing Buddy.

  • Be careful not to push Buddy out of the office to soon. Emily has to pull Buddy’s hair right when you move him.”

  • When discussing story ideas with your office staff… It’s okay to touch your chin but be careful never to cover your mouth.

  • Less slouching when you are sitting in your desk.

Emily Hobbs

  • 11/2/18

  • More eye contact with Mr. Hobbs when you talk to him

  • I want you coming to class with your hair in a bun for the rest of the season.

  • Pay attention to how you’re standing. Michelle is so much smaller than you but you shouldn’t slump. 

  • Great diction!!! Good job

  • Vocals for “I’ll Believe in you” Are fantastic

  • Add a giggle after Michael’s line about children of work-a-holics

  • Shoulders need to stay back.

  • I’d like you to work a little more on your endearing qualities. More motherly in your stage business. When you are arguing with Walter be more pleading than argumentative.


  • Need more stage business. Especially during long moments without lines.


  • 11/2/18

  • Why is more curious. Page 34

  • More internal struggle. (like we talked about) 

  • More pronunciation “I cam to Rockerfeller center last year” All of this scene needs more separation in your words. 

  • Projection, projection, projection

  • YES ADRIE! After talking to you about Jovie’s changes in feelings… her character now has a lot more character depth. Brava!

  • “I don’t sing” is an up stage cross. You should be actively traveling during the line.

  • Be forced to dance during “Sparkle-Jolly”

  • Do not put your hands in your pockets and try not to spend too much time folding your arms.

  • The biggest thing you need to work on is projecting your speaking parts. Since she is so down and low it’s harder to project.

  • During Sparkle Jolly, your “why” needs to be slower.

  • I LOVE the natural dancing and giggling you and Buddy do at the end of “A Christmas Song” It’s perfect. AS of Nov 1st the kiss on the cheek needs to be real each time.

Michael Hobbs

  • Don’t forget the rocking and body language for the “work-a-holics” line.

  • Don’t forget to walk way when mom and dad are arguing.

  • Walk away a little bit when Walter and Emily are arguing. You don’t like it when your parents disagree. (Back away slightly toward stage right)

  • After “He’s my brother?!” Buddy gives a big waive. Go ahead and apprehensively wave back.

  • Your body movement in your line deliver is going so great! Be careful to finish all of your lines even when you’re just acting. Ask me about this later so I can give you a good example.

  • Make sure to walk down stage with Emily to say the “You’re asking your 12-year-old….” lines before you walk to your room,.

  • Make sure not to look at Emily at all during “I’ll Believe In You”.

  • Make sure not to show pre-emptive singing before “and Michael too.” You don’t want to seem like you’re waiting for the music.

  • Let’s do a fist bump or special hand shake with Buddy during “you’re the man” instead of a big hug.

  • Use your up stage hand to use the flashlight in “There Is a Santa Claus” not your down stage arm.


  • Work on connecting with the character and developing specific stage business for Charlie. Maybe develop a unique voice for her.

  • Remember that Charlie and Shawanda are good friends.


  • Shawanda needs a higher pitched voice. She is the Mary Poppins of the elves.

  • Remember that Charlie and Shawanda are good friends.

Security Guard #1

  • Remember that there is a specific way you hold Buddy when taking him away.

  • Cheat out and SPEAK UP! I want to hear you’re voices nice and clear.

  • Show a little more pride in your character.

Security Guard #2

  • Remember that there is a specific way you hold Buddy when taking him away.

  • Cheat out and SPEAK UP! I want to hear you’re voices nice and clear.

  • Show a little more pride in your character.

Fake Santa


  • You are doing such an amazing job with your line delivery, and I love your character development. Let’s add more stage business and don’t forget about your TUMS.


  • Cheat out and be more theatrical when telling the story.

  • Put your hand on Walter’s shoulder when you say “Mr. Hobbs”


  • You are doing such a great job on your line delivery. Be really careful on cheating out. You can speak to Mr. Hobbs without directly looking at him. We know who you’re talking to.


  • Fantastic job! I loved the delivery today.

Santa’s Helper

  • Happy delivery and more dictation “Santa’s Here!”

  • Make sure to look at your script and notice where your Line should be delivered. Be careful not to be late on the announcement.


  • Although she doesn’t have too many lines, you’re doing a great job at bringing Sarah’s character to life.


  • Work on facials during the panicked lines. No smiling.

  • WAY TO GO! memorizing those lines! You are showing amazing initiative!

  • I LOVE LOVE the voice you are trying to incorporate. Keep it up. Try to open your mouth more though to help with your dictation.

Mr. Greenway

  • During scene 6 I would like to see more movement and more character. Mostly between your longer exchanges with Mr. Hobbs. They are too still. Ask me for suggestions next class when you see me.

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Emma Van Brocklin

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